made with real fruit and herbs.

About Aguas Frescas

A staple of Latin American kitchens for generations, aguas frescas are lightly sweetened, all natural drinks, made using a variety of exotic fruits from South of the Border. Aguas frescas have been served for years in Mexican homes and restaurants to compliment the large meals that are a time-honored tradition in Hispanic culture.

Aguas frescas are made of several basic, all natural ingredients typically including fruit, seeds, flowers, water, and sugar. This means that authentic aguas frescas are free from undesirable additives and preservatives, while also being non-carbonated and totally caffeine free. Better still is the fact that aguas frescas are high in potassium as well as vitamins C and E, depending on which fruit ingredients is used.

More important than the health benefits of aguas frescas is their taste. These beverages are refreshingly light – never too sweet, fruity, or acidic.

The next time you’re looking for a thirst-quenching drink, or just an alternative to other soft drinks, leave that soda in the fridge and reach for a bottle of Cañita® aguas frescas.

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