made with real fruit and herbs.

Agua de Tamarindo

Made using the pulp of the exotic tamarind fruit, an ice-cold bottle of Cañita® Agua de Tamarindo is perfect for quenching the strongest of thirsts. The Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) is a tropical tree, native to eastern Africa, but now introduced into most of tropical Asia as well as Latin America and the Caribbean. The tree’s fruit is a brown pod-like legume, which contains a soft pulp and many hard-coated seeds.

Agua de Tamarindo

Its sweet, tangy taste creates a curiously unique but always refreshing flavor that will leave you more than satisfied.


Water, tamarind, sugar, xanthan gum.


Made from all natural ingredients, including the tamarind fruit, water and sugar, Cañita Agua de Tamarindo is not just delicious but also very high in Vitamin C – which some studies have shown helps to bolster your immune system. Due to its medicinal value, tamarind is often used as an alternative medicine for gastric and/or digestion problems.

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