made with real fruit and herbs.


Aguas frescas are rich in both nutritional value and taste. Cañita offers the only all natural, not from concentrate, preservative-free brand of aguas frescas available in the United States today.

Agua de Jamaica is made from the flower hibiscus sabdariffa. The hibiscus plant is known for its nutritional value – it is rich in riboflavin, niacin, calcium, and iron and contains antioxidants.

Agua de Tamarindo is made with pulp from the tamarind fruit tree. Tamarind pulp is a popular spice in Asian and Latin American countries. Tamarind tree bark, pulp, and leaves all have been shown to have medicinal value.

Agua de Jamaica Nutrition Facts

Agua de Jamaica nutrition facts label

Agua de Tamarindo Nutrition Facts

Agua de Tamarindo nutrition facts label

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