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Agua de Jamaica

Cañita® Agua de Jamaica is made using dried hibiscus flower petals from the flower Hibiscus sabdariffa. Jamaica (pronounced “ha-my-kah”) or hibiscus sabdariffa, is also known as roselle in some parts of the world. These flowers grow naturally in Latin America and are renowned for their deep scarlet hue, which in turn give the Agua de Jamaica its distinctive red color.

Agua de Jamaica

Accept no powdered substitute – there’s nothing like an ice-cold bottle of truly authentic Cañita Agua de Jamaica.


Water, hibiscus, sugar.


Cañita Agua de Jamaica is as boldly satisfying as it is colorful; it’s a truly invigorating drink, helped in no small way by jamaica’s high levels of Vitamin C. Studies note that the Jamaica flower has a high concentration of niacin, riboflavin, calcium and iron. Hibiscus is also a natural antioxidant and diuretic which helps your body process vitamins and minerals properly, adding to your overall good physical health.

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