bringing authentic aguas frescas to the U.S.

The Cañita Story

Cañita® started out as a term paper written by Jorge Goldsmit, a student from Mexico, while he was getting his MBA from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. The idea had been suggested by a friend of his from Mexico who lived in New York and who had noticed that there were no ready to drink aguas frescas in the US.

As they wrote the term paper, Jorge Goldsmit and his classmates attended festivals and Hispanic community events to conduct surveys. The young group interviewed brokers, distributors, bottlers and industry experts, as well as tiendas and supermarkets. After several months of research, the group turned the paper in and received very encouraging feedback from their professor.

After almost two years of research and development, surveys and taste tests, Cañita was finally unveiled in Atlanta in October 2002. A few months later, Cañita signed up its first distributor in North Carolina. Little by little, consumers began to discover Cañita® and ever since then, Cañita has grown not only in North Carolina, but in other states as well.

Cañita has been a real adventure for us. Thanks to our clients and consumers, we have continued to grow. We hope to keep all of your support so we can continue to bring you the best from there, here.™

The Best From There, Here™

Cañita Aguas Frescas, a lightly flavored, all-natural drink, offers consumers the authentic flavors and aromas of traditional Latino refreshment without going south of the border.”

– Beverage World