put down those imitations: authentic aguas frescas are finally here.

The Next Step in the Story of Aguas Frescas

Cañita® is the next step in the story of aguas frescas. Already well known in Mexico and other Latin American countries, authentic aguas frescas have never been available to a U.S. market en masse. Cañita’s goal is to change all that. Currently, there are a few pale derivatives of aguas frescas available north of the Rio Grande, most of which contain preservatives and are made from concentrate.

Agua de Tamarindo

Cañita boasts the only all natural, not from concentrate, preservative-free brand of aguas frescas available in the United States today. It’s never powdered or “instant,” but always ready to be opened and enjoyed. This means that whether you go to the cooler at your nearest tienda or the beverage aisle at your local grocery store, you’ll only find one truly authentic brand of aguas frescas – Cañita.

Cañita is more than just a great tasting drink; it’s the product of the American Dream being lived by Latin American dreamers. We hope that like us, you’ll see each sip of Cañita as a little peek into the rich culture, tradition, and history of Latin America, which has inspired us to share such a wonderful product.

The Best From There, Here™